News Links, Week of October 3

Each week, the International MCS Network compiles the latest news in the field of fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance.  Please send news links and relevant stories to to be included in next week’s links.

Somalia: Puntland Forces Seize Illegal Fishing Vessels, Arrest 25 Yemenis

September 29, 2013

“The coastguard of Somalia’s northeastern state of Puntland have seized three small fishing vessels, a boat and 25 Yemeni sailors off the coast of Bossaso on Saturday, Garowe Online reports”

MACC detains eight in illegal trawler fishing syndicate

October 2, 2013

“The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has detained eight men to facilitate investigations on a syndicate which had bribed its way into illegal trawler fishing in Malaysian waters”

The Sun Daily

Council urged to stop illegal fishing in Lasang

October 2, 2013

“At least 200 fishermen on Tuesday sought for the intervention of the City Council of Davao to stop alleged illegal fishing activities in Lasang Village”

Sun Star Davao

Fisherman fined for illegal fishing

October 2, 2013

“The state of the lobster industry led a 20-year-old West Prince fisherman to illegally catch perch to use as bait for lobster fishing”

Journal Pioneer

 Palau ends drone patrol tests to deter illegal fishing

October 4, 2013

“A five-day test of unmanned aerial vehicles to deter illegal fisherman from Palau’s waters has come to an end”

Radio Australia


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