Organizational Documents

Organizational Documents

Descriptions and links to English, Spanish and French versions of the International MCS Network’s three main organizational documents, the Governing Framework, the Strategic Plan, and the Workplan.

Governing Framework

Composed of 22 Articles, the Governing Framework of the International MCS Network sets forth the rules for Network membership, the terms of Chair, Vice-Chair(s) and members of the Executive Committee, and the operation of the Network Secretariat. The Governing Framework is akin to a Convention in that it provides a permanent foundation for the basic functions of the Network. However, it is meant to be a living document in most other respects. Accordingly, Article 13 gives the Executive Committee the power to propose updates and amendments.

The Governing Framework is available in all three Network languages, English, Spanish and French. The English, Spanish and French texts are equally authentic and authoritative.

Governing Framework (English)

Marco de Gobierno (Español)

Cadre Directeur (Français)


Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan provides guidance to the development of work plans, which will establish specific performance indicators for measuring the performance of the Network and the activities included in this plan.

The Secretariat of the International MCS Network ensures the implementation of the Strategic Plan, and will also use it to support raising short- and long-term funding to carry out the work of the Network. The current Strategic Plan will be updated at the election of the new Chair or at a time deemed otherwise necessary.

Strategic Plan (English)

Plan Estratégico (Español)

Plan stratégique (Français)



Work plans establish specific performance indicators for Network projects and activities.

Drafted in April 2012, the current Workplan outlines indicators and divisions of responsibility for activities pursuant to the Network’s three strategic objectives: (1) to facilitate increased information exchanges and collaborative MCS activities amongst members; (2) to coordinate and encourage international cooperation on MCS and raise awareness of MCS issues; and (3) to help to strengthen the human and technical capacity of members to implement and maintain effective MCS regimes.

Workplan (English)

Plan de Trabajo (Español)

Plan de Travail (Français)