2013 Stop IUU Fishing Award

Stop IUU Fishing Award Contest – Winners Announced! 


The launch of the first-ever Stop IUU Fishing Award contest was a success and resulted in many different types of entries from a broad geographic range. The judging panel evaluated the entries and winners have been selected. The winners were featured at the 4th GFETW in February where they shared their innovative ideas with MCS practitioners.

Stop IUU Fishing Award Winners:

Stop IUU Fishing Award Contest Press Release

First Place – Timor-Leste’s Community-Based IUU Reporting System

Second Place – Environmental Justice Foundation, Sierra Leone Initiative

Third Place – Stop Illegal Fishing Initiative

What does this contest seek?

Any monitoring, control and surveillance practice for fisheries-related activities making, or with the potential to make a substantial contribution to combat IUU fishing. This could include: a technology, tool, method, process, or practice that provides and effective response in addressing IUU fishing and which demonstrates innovation, success and tangible impact. Entries should have the potential for replication and contribute to responsible fisheries governance.

Particularly we expect to:

  • Identify and learn how selected MCS practices can stregthen successful ways to fight IUU fishing globally.
  • Promote a new venue for knowledge exchage and provide winners with visitbility and support to expand their work.
  • Explore the potential for replication of selected MCS practices across fishing communities/regions/nations, facilitating the implementation of pilot projects.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Individuals
  • Government authorities, including any office, portion, unit, etc.
  • RFMO/As; Sub-regional, regional or international organizations
  • Fishers and fishers’ organizations
  • Cooperatives
  • Community-based organizations
  • Co-management organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Private Sector
  • Academic/research organizations and students.

Selection Criteria

Entries will be judged based on the following selection criteria:

  • Success: tangible impact in reducing IUU fishing.
  • Innovation: creative solutions to combating IUU activities.
  • Feasibility and cost: practical and able to be replicated and/or adapted by others. Assessing the costs, taking into account location and ultimate benefits.

Judging Panel

Entries will be evaluated by an international panel of judges composed of leading experts from the MCS field. Entries from developing countries are particularly encouraged.


The contest will open on November 1, 2014, and the deadline for applications for the 2nd Stop IUU Fishing Awards will be in summer 2014, exact date TBD.
Entries must be submitted in English.
Entries may be submitted as a written document and/or a short documentary video.
You may submit your entry via regular mail to the following addresses:
Stop IUU Fishing Award, 2300 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, 300B, Washington, DC USA  or via email to mcs.network@imcsnet.org.

The first-ever Stop IUU Fishing Award contest was sponsored by IMCS Network, FAO, and International Seafood Sustainability Foundation.

International Drawing Competition:

In conjunction with the first Stop IUU Fishing Awards, there was an international Children and Youth Drawing Competition with the theme of: Protecting our Fisheries, Inheriting a Healthier World.

Please click here to see the winners of the drawing competition.