Education Connection

The International Monitoring, Control and Surveillance(MCS) Network is dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of MCS activities through cooperation, coordination, collection and exchange of information among the organizations and institutions with the intention to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing.

Education and research institutions have the potential to play a significant role in combating IUU fishing. Students and faculty have the unique ability to dedicate their time and resources to investigate methods of monitoring, control and surveillance, and to address the social, economic, political, and biological impacts of illegal fishing. Research on the scope, methods, and impacts of IUU fishing help countries create well directed policy to combat these crimes.

The International MCS Network is well positioned to act as a liaison between researchers and enforcement agencies around the world.  Undergraduate, Graduate, or Doctoral students interested in investigating further the causes and effects of illegal fishing are often faced with a lack of reliable data, sufficient resources, and a lack of contacts. As the global organization dedicated to facilitate cooperation between national enforcement authorities fighting against IUU fishing activities, the Network can connect students and researchers with the authorities interested in research projects.

Our hope is that this Connection will be used by both enforcement agencies and researchers to collaborate on ideas and topics that will lead to innovative solutions in the fight against illegal fishing.

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