Equipment Exchange


Exchange of MCS Equipment



After contributing to trainings in Ghana and Benin in 2013, the Network began coordinating requests and offers for transfers of MCS equipment, primarily spare mesh gauges. The exchange of inspection equipment fosters joint efforts, cooperation and collaboration between authorities that require MCS equipment but do not have sufficient funding to acquire new equipment and authorities that are replacing equipment, which is re-useable.

The Network has had modest success with the Equipment Exchange programme. Because shipping to some destinations is expensive and unreliable, the Secretariat has helped donor countries to coordinate transfers in other ways. For example, in 2014, the Dutch authorities persevered in conveying mesh gauges to Benin, with the help of the EU Mission in Benin.

In 2015, the Network Secretariat helped coordinate transfers of a large number of spare mesh gauges and scallop rings from Ireland’s Sea Fisheries Protection Authority to enforcement officials from Kenya, Nigeria, Mauritius, Somalia and South Africa by arranging for travelers from Europe to carry the gauges in their luggage when traveling to Africa. In particular, ICPO-INTERPOL staff carried a large number of the SPFA gauges to the 4th Fisheries Crime Working Group meeting in Cape Town, South Africa in October 2015.

Photos Courtesy of ICPO-INTERPOL Secretariat

Photos of Bjarne Schultz, Norway Directorate of Fisheries and IMCS Network Executive Committee and Alistair McDonnell, ICPO-INTERPOL at ceremony handing over mesh gauges donated by Ireland’s Sea Protection Authority to representatives of Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria and South Africa on the margins of the 4th Fisheries Crime Working Group meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, October [], 2015:

Following this trend, in March 2016, a representative of Norway carried spare mesh gauges to the 5th GFETW in Auckland, where they were donated to recipients from Cambodia, Fiji, the Philippines, Thailand and Timor-Leste.

The Network will proactively promote the Equipment Exchange programme, which could include other types of equipment (including surveillance vessels and aircraft), through its website and other channels. Where applicable, it may submit questionnaires to Members on the availability of decommissioned assets as well as equipment needs of developing countries. The Network will also explore the possibilities for funding of the transfer of such equipment to developing countries, as appropriate, upon request.

The International MCS Network Equipment Exchange intends to foster joint efforts, cooperation and collaboration by reusing MCS equipment with the goal of improving the effectiveness of monitoring, control and surveillance around the world.

For more information, or to request or offer equipment, please email the Network Secretariat at