Application to Register as a Vetted MCS Expert

The following documents are required with the submission of registration as a Vetted MCS Expert

All materials should be  emailed as a  PDF to

Please indicate “Application for Registration as Vetted MCS Expert” in the subject line of the email.


Part I: Personal Information

    • Cover Letter
    • Professional career information (free style resume, bio, or CV)

Part II: MCS Competences

    • Summary concerning competences and experience in MCS

Part III: Formal Statements

    • Independence
    • Confidentiality
    • Personal data

PART I – Personal information 

Cover letter

In the free style application letter, the applicant should explain its motivations why he/she is interested to participate in capacity building projects. The applicant shall insert wording in the cover letter declaring that all information included in the application is real and accurate. The cover letter shall be dated and signed.

Career information

The information identifying the applicant as well as the information concerning the education which he/she followed, and the applicant’s professional career shall be presented in free style format (CV, Resume or Bio). The information should contain at least a clear description of the applicant’s personal details (identity, date and place of birth, nationality and contact details), his employers or his company (name address and contact details and reference person), his respective functions as well as a description of his assignments in each function, the institutions where he followed education (name and address type of institution, description of the courses) and for each institution his degrees. Furthermore, clear information should be included concerning the applicant’s language abilities ( apart from the mother tongue in each language a qualification – fluent, average or basic – on the level respectively  in speaking, writing and reading) and the applicant’s facilities to work with IT (proficient user of ….).

Part II – Resume MCS Competences 

Summarize any fisheries MCS training courses and international MCS forums and in which capacity you have participated.

Summarize your skills and experience in the following MCS areas:

  • Planning of inspection and surveillance, including analysis of fishing data and intelligence, risk analysis and development of inspection strategies and defining inspection priorities
  • Coordination of deployment of means of inspection and surveillance, coordination center, risk analysis, cost-effectiveness of MCS
  • Inspection and surveillance at sea, boarding, verifying ship papers and licenses, analyzing log book data, checking of gear and catch stowed on board
  • Inspection of trans-shipments and landings, analyzing logbooks, checking catches and gear on board and offloaded
  • Inspection of import/export and marketing of fishery products, analysis of statistics, verifying documentation and checking of the physical products

PART III  –  Declarations  

The undersigned declares on his/her honor:


that he/she has no criminal records and is not subject to any administrative or legal procedures to this extend , he/she has no conflict of interest in connection with possible assignments; a conflict of interest could arise in particular as a result of economic interests, political or national affinities or any other relevant connection; he/she has not made and will not make any offer of any type whatsoever from which an advantage can be derived; he/she has not granted and will not grant, has not sought and will not seek, has not attempted and will not attempt to obtain, and has not accepted and will not accept any advantage, financial or in kind, to or from any party whatsoever, constituting an illegal practice or involving corruption, either directly or indirectly, as an incentive or reward relating to any assignment; The undersigned will inform the Network, without delay, of any situation considered a conflict of interest or which could give rise to a conflict of interest;

Confidentiality Clause

that he/she agrees to keep any written or oral information, documents or electronic data received or accessed during an assignment confidential and only for personal use in the context of the assignment. He/she agrees not publicly to disclose, for any reason or at any occasion, any material or information, received or accessed, during an assignment.

Processing of Personal Data

that he/she is fully aware of the treatment of personal data by the International MCS Network and the undersigned agrees that her/his personal data may be made available, on request, to third parties for the sole purpose of selecting a MCS expert to be hired for capacity building projects

The undersigned