Message from Cephas Ralph, IMCS Network Chair

Dear colleagues,

It seems a long time since we met in Valpariso and you will no-doubt be wondering why you have not heard anything from your Executive Director Simon Diffey.  Unfortunately due to circumstances out of the control of ourselves or Simon I have to inform you that he was unable to take up his appointment in Silver Spring as we all anticipated.

Due to the urgent need to have an Executive Director in post working for the Network, the Vice Chair and I saw no option but to offer the position to another equally qualified candidate who was identified during the recent search process.

To have embarked on a new recruitment process would have pushed back the start date of an ED an unacceptable length of time.

Accordingly Harm Koster will shortly take up appointment as our new Executive Director of the Secretariat.

A further communication to you from him will tell you about his long experience in fisheries work and introduce you all to him more fully but many of you may already know him from his career in the European Commission and, more recently, as Head of the  Community Fisheries Control Agency.

I am sorry that we were unable to proceed as we planned in Chile but I am sure that we have in Harm Koster an extremely capable and committed ED who will bring to the Network the impetus and organization we need so much.

Best wishes to you all.

Cephas Ralph
Chair IMCS Network.
13 June 2012