Announcing the Launch of the 2013 Stop IUU Fishing Award

Join the International MCS Network on July 11th at 12.45 when it launches the first Stop IUU Fishing Award contest at COFI in Rome. The contest will be inaugurated in the impressive  new Sheikh Zayed Media Centre in the FAO’s Atrium. This important competition is designed to encourage innovation and effective new ideas in the fight against IUU fishing.

High tech, low tech, brilliant or brilliantly simple, are all apt descriptors of what the contest is looking for.  All ideas, inventions, policies, practices, technologies, tools, processes are eligible to be considered. Anyone–and we mean anyone– can enter. Fisher, student, inspector, anyone. The aim of the contest is not only to encourage these innovations and to recognize the good work being done with them but to broaden their use too. The Network wants to turn these innovations into capacity development projects to expand the use of these beneficial ideas in the field. We want to put these ideas into the hands of those who need them and put them to work against IUU.


The winners will also have a chance to explain their entries directly to the MCS community in 2013 as they will appear not only to collect their prizes but also to share their inventions at the Fourth Global Fisheries Enforcement Training workshop in Central America. There will be a special session devoted to demonstrating their work at the workshop.
Join us for this exciting event, enjoy lunch on the 11th and hear about the contest particulars. Also hear about its counterpart for children and youth: “Protecting our Fisheries, Inheriting a Healthier World.” This international drawing contest recognizes the need to reach our children and young people through creative artworks.
Click Here for more information about the Stop IUU Fishing Award 

Not going to be in Rome? Here’s what you should know:
What: The Stop IUU Fishing Award, any MCS technology, tool, method, process, or practice that demonstrates innovation, success and tangible impact to combat IUU fishing is eligible (see judging criteria online).
Who: anyone and everyone is encouraged to enter and spread the word about the contest to others
How: see website for entries, electronic submissions preferred.  Your entry may be submitted as a written document and/or a short documentary!
When: July 11- Nov 30, 2012. Don’t miss it!
Why: To Stop IUU Fishing and promote responsible fisheries
Where: See website
Watch this site for updates on the progress of the contest in the next few months. Any questions, please contact us at

Many thanks to our generous sponsors, the Network, FAO and ISSF. We’re looking for more sponsors too. If you would like to be included and assist in MCS work, contact us at