Message from Executive Director, Harry Koster

I am pleased to inform you that, as from this week, I am working in the Secretariat of the International MCS Network in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA . Together with Ariel Kagan, I will do my utmost to move forward the projects of the Network and to be available for any assistance you may need from the Secretariat of the Network.

As you are aware, important projects have been initiated by the Network such as the 2013 STOP IUU FISHING AWARD CONTEST. The deadline for entries for this contest is November 30, 2012. Make sure that you submit your entries before this date. The entry form and additional details are available online at submissions may be submitted via e-mail or by regular mail to the Secretariat of the International MCS Network, 8484 Georgia Ave Suite 347, Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA. The winners of the contest will be flown to the Fourth Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop in Costa Rica where they will be honoured with monetary prizes.

The government of Costa Rica has initiated the preparations of the fourth Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop (GFETW), which will be held in the latter part of 2013. A precise date for this event will be determined and communicated to you as soon as possible. The International MCS Network, OSPESCA and Costa Rica will work closely together in order to ensure the success of this event. As in the previous editions of this event, we call on your ideas, expertise and participation for this unique global MCS event.

The Network is launching three new programs as part of our capacity building initiative. The first is a webpage that will facilitate the re-use of MCS assets such as inspection tools, for authorities requiring such assets and materials. The second is a program aimed at graduate and doctoral students and other researchers, which will support the MCS-related research needs of Network members. Finally, the Network wants to facilitate the availability of listed independent MCS experts which may be contacted for consultancy and training purposes.

I am looking forward to work closely with you and, at the first occasion, to meet you personally. We will engage in new friendships between MCS professionals from all parts of the world and renew old friendships. Indeed, the MCS Network offers a unique global platform for MCS professionals anywhere in the world to exchange views, experiences and concerns on MCS problems and solutions. Ariel and I will serve as a contact points for your queries regarding IUU issues where other parties are involved and attempt to bring you in contact with the relevant contact persons of the parties concerned.

As you are aware the Network is producing newsletters highlighting MCS issues of interest for professionals and is tracking MCS news. It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide us contributions and ideas for the compilation of the newsletter. Any MCS projects or issues of interest to MCS professionals in other parts of the world should get a place in the Network’s newsletter.

Best regards,

Executive Director
 + 1 (202) 304 3300


Assistant to the Executive Director, Ariel Kagan
 + 1 (202) 297 9566

Mailing address:
IMCS Network Secretariat
8484 Georgia Ave Suite 347,
Silver Spring, MD 20910