Tuna Fishing in Sardegna with Shannon Cosentino-Roush

Former International MCS Network Coordinator, Shannon Cosentino-Roush, has continued her work in sustainable management of living marine resources and is now featured on the National Geographic Ocean Views blog for her research on tuna harvesting in the Mediterranean.  Her article discusses her year in Sardegna at the last traditional Bluefin tuna traps in Italy, “Before last summer, I would not have fully appreciated what would be lost if the traditional tuna traps disappear from Italy completely, but now I know:  a loss of tradition, culture, local employment, and a sustainable way of fishing in an otherwise criticized fishery.”

Shannon will be posting frequently on the National Geographic blog in the coming weeks.


Link: http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2013/06/10/a-sustainable-tuna-fishery-traditional-trap-fishers-in-sardegna-say-yes/