IMCS Network Collaborates with Dutch Navy to hold MCS Capacity Building Workshops in Ghana and Benin

The IMCS Network is collaborating with the Dutch Navy to host hands on training programs from September 27 to October 11, 2013.  Two experts from the IMCS Network, Richard Thomasson of France and Alastair Beveridge of Scotland, will be facilitating the workshops in Ghana and Benin.

The first portion of the capacity building will take place in the Port of Sekondi, where Ghanaian Fisheries Officers will take part in both classroom and at-sea training on MCS practices and combating IUU fishing.

Upon completing the first portion of the workshop, the IMCS Network experts will board the Dutch Navy vessel Rotterdam and travel to Benin.

The second portion of the capacity building, to be held at Naval Base Cotonou Benin, will provide hands-on training for participants from the Benin Navy (GN) and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.  This program will focus on both Operational/at-sea and classroom training for performance of Fisheries Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (FVBSS), as well as meetings with relevant organizations such as Ministries of Justice and the Attorney General’s Office in order to support FVBSS.