Toolbox Project Will Help Experts Identify MCS Solutions

wwf-korea Washington, D.C. (March 10, 2017) — The International MCS Network commenced a second project in December 2016 to coordinate the compilation and review of the tools, methodologies, technologies, and other solutions currently available for Monitoring Control and Surveillance of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in capture fisheries.  With support from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the International MCS Network will produce a final draft publication of an MCS toolbox for submission to FAO in Nov 2017.  The project will serve experts, policy makers, and MCS officials seeking a comprehensive list of resources, reviews of current strategies, and comparative analysis of the multifaceted approaches available in different regions.  The toolbox will draw from the expertise of an international group of MCS practitioners from different regions in the world and supplement and update the Food and Agriculture Organization publication 338 “An Introduction to Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Systems for Capture Fisheries” from 1994 and publication 415 “Recent Trends in Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance Systems for Capture Fisheries” published in 2003.