Transshipment Project Combats IUU Fishing

wwf-koreaWashington, D.C. (March 10, 2017) — With support from the Committee on Fisheries (COFI), the Food and Agriculture Organization has initiated a project on transshipments with the International MCS Network.Signed December 2016, the partnership includes a literature review, survey of suppliers, processors, distributors, and other stakeholders as well as a report offering guidance on prototypical systems for ensuring adequate monitoring and control of transshipments—the movement of fish from one boat to another.  The project also includes the review of current practices and legal requirements on authorization and monitoring of transshipments.  The International MCS Network will draft a document on transshipment to evaluate the need for regulation and enhanced monitoring or even more drastic measures where appropriate to combat ilegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in capture fisheries.   A final technical paper will be submitted to the FAO by October 2017 offering guidance and covering the impacts of transshipment in relation to IUU fishing.  The paper will be drawn up by a group of experienced MCS professionals from different regions in the world.  FAO may host a workshop with experts in June 2017 to review survey results and develop recommendations.