How to Register as a Vetted MCS Expert


The aim of the present call for manifestation of interest is to set up a centralized data base containing information concerning highly qualified independent MCS experts willing to participate in capacity building projects, in the field of fisheries MCS, undertaken by national authorities and international institutions.


Evaluation Committee

Any applications for registration will be evaluated by an Evaluation Committee. To this end, the Network’s Chair will draw up a list of evaluators which may seat in the Evaluation Committee. Where appropriate, the Executive Director of the Network’s secretariat calls a meeting of the Evaluation Committee. At this occasion, the Executive Director will invite evaluators from the list drawn up by the Chair. The Executive Director will chair the meetings of the Evaluation Committee but has no right to vote. Decisions are taken by simple majority. The Evaluation Committee decides whether applications are accepted for registration or declined. The conclusions of the Committee are definitive and confidential. The Network will not correspond with applicants on the conclusions of the Evaluation Committee.

The Evaluation Committee will meet at regular intervals as appropriate.



Accepted applications are registered for a period of three years. Registration may be renewed on request of the Vetted MCS expert in question.

Registration does not entail any right on assignments or any obligations on the part of the International MCS Network regarding assignments.

The International MCS Network will not, by its own means, engage in or undertake any capacity building projects.

When so requested, the International MCS Network will make information on vetted MCS experts available to any national and international body or authority as well as international institutions in order to allow these bodies, authorities or organizations to select vetted MCS Experts to be assigned to projects aiming to strengthen capacities to implement and enforce fisheries legislation in developing countries. The Body or authority concerned will select suitable candidates and, where appropriate, offer an assignment in accordance with its rules and procedures.

Where appropriate, the Network may coordinate requests by the above bodies, authorities or organizations.

Registered Vetted MCS Experts may be invited to submit additional information in relation to requests from the above bodies, authorities or organizations.


Procedure for Registration

The International MCS Network invites MCS experts to apply for registration by submitting an application in accordance with the rules set out in this call.

Any MCS expert interested to participate to capacity building activities as described above may submit an application for registration as Vetted MCS Expert at any time.

Each application will be subject to a screening by the secretariat of the International MCS Network. The Executive Director submits each application including the outcome of the screening to the Evaluation Committee.


Criteria for Registration

The criteria for registration are as follows:

  • Reception of all required documents (Part I, II and III) duly completed and signed by the applicant submitted as follows;
    • applications containing all required documents shall be send electronically, in pdf format, to the following e-mail address:
  • Qualifications and experience:
    • Required
      • work experience during more than (12) year as senior fisheries MCS and/or Enforcement official;
      •  work experience as trainer in the field of fisheries MCS and enforcement;
      • at least 3 year of post-secondary education;
      • ability to work fluently in one or more of the  international  most frequently used languages ;
      • proficient practitioner of modern  IT
    • Advantage
      • relevant international experience
      • background in fisheries (marine biologist, fishermen, management position in fishing industry, trader or importer/exported of fishery products)
      • background in development projects
    • Submission of a declaration of independence and confidentiality
    • Submission of data confidentiality form


Screening and Evaluation of Applications

Each application will be screened on the basis of the criteria laid down in this call for expressions of interest.

The International MCS Network may require the submission of any certificates attesting qualifications and experience of the applicant.

The International MCS Network reserves the right to request additional information or advice to any employer of the applicant.

The Evaluation Committee will pay attention, in particular, on the qualifications and ‘hands on’ experience of applicants in the field of fisheries MCS and training of new staff assigned to fisheries MCS   duties and enforcement.

Incomplete applications are not considered.


Independence, Confidentiality and Personal Data

Applicants shall sign a declaration of no conflict of interest and confidentiality, confirming that there is no conflict of interest between the activities, reports, files, products and/or results assigned to them and previous and present professional or private experience which might be deemed to compromise their independence, and that they will not reveal any information which comes to their attention during the execution of tasks under the contract.

Applicants must inform the International MCS Network in writing of any changes to the information provided in the application form. Experts shall also inform the Network without delay if a conflict of interests should emerge during the duration of their listing in the Register of Vetted MCS Experts.

Throughout the performance of assignments, experts shall demonstrate appropriate commitment and observe the confidentiality of any information which comes to their attention. Specific clauses to this effect may be included in any possible contract to be concluded between the expert and the authority or international institution.

The personal data provided in the applications are processed solely for the purpose of determining the inclusion of the applicant in the Register of Vetted MCS Experts and, subsequently, any request of national authorities and international institutions for the purpose of hiring MCS Experts for projects enhancing the capacity of authorities to apply and to enforce fisheries legislation.

Files relating to the selection of applicants including personal data will be retained by the Network in electronic format in a protected environment until the end of the validity of the registration. Files relating to unsuccessful applicants will be retained for a period of no more than 12 months following the decision rejecting the application.

At any time, the applicant has the right of access to his/her personal data file and the right to rectify any such data that is inaccurate or incomplete.



In exceptional cases, the Network’s Chair  reserves the right to deregister certain experts listed in the Register of Vetted MCS Experts.