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Joint Analytical Cell (JAC)

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The Joint Analytical Cell (JAC) is a collaborative initiative established by the IMCS Network in partnership with TM-Tracking and Global Fishing Watch. In 2022 the founding partners were joined by the Allen Institute for AI, the developers of the Skylight maritime monitoring tool, and C4ADS, bringing the number of JAC collaborators to five. The JAC seeks to develop into larger coalition of like-minded state and non-state organizations to increase the understanding of, and access to, the growing number technologies and technology partners that are available today. The JAC harnesses this innovative technology and the complementary expertise and resources of its wider collaborating organizations. 

The JAC seeks to strengthen the access to data analytic tools, technology platforms and actionable intelligence to support more effective fisheries MCS. This is underpinned by a strong focus on capacity development to support partners to make best use of these tools, technology and intelligence and integrate these into their MCS processes. The IMCS Network leads the JAC MCS capacity development efforts which are informed by in-country MCS assessments. These assessment help the Network to understand partner needs and to make the best use of maritime domain awareness platforms and data analytics that supports effective compliance, MCS and enforcement interventions. 

JAC support, including training and analytical products and access to technology platforms is provided free of charge. Some JAC intelligence outputs are delivered directly to country and other partners, but information may be made available to all countries that can use it, via the IMCS Network and, where appropriate, through public reports. With technology, we take a streamlined approach so that partner countries are provided with access and training on the tools and data that will be of greatest benefit to them. The JAC has five initial focus areas in its initial phase. 

Port controls and vessel risk assessment.

Fisheries patrol planning and support.

Transhipment monitoring.

MCS capacity building.                                                                                                    

Global issues of interest.

Any Network members who would like more information on becoming involved in the JAC are invited to contact us.

JAC Factsheet

Read more about the JAC's areas of focus and impact.

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JAC Fisheries Intelligence Report 010 - 150 Vessel Overview Analysis

Read some the latest analytical work from the JAC here. This is a fisheries intelligence report examining a group of Chinese-linked distant-water squid fishing vessels that are regularly transmitting over MMSIs in the 150 series (not assigned to any country) and engaging in complex identity obfuscating behaviour.

JAC Fisheries Intelligence Report 001