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MCS for Coastal and Community Fisheries

The MCS for Coastal and Community Fisheries theme was introduced by Meli Raicebe, Senior Fisheries Officer, Ministry of Fisheries, Fiji. The presentations outlined new and innovative MCS initiatives across the different regions that are being implemented at the national, local and community level to combat illegal fishing and protect our vital coastal fisheries resources. These presentations were followed by a panel discussion reinforced the importance of our coastal and community MCS discussions.   

Intro - Coastal and Community MCS Presentation Image
7th GFETW - Presentation 40 - Community-Based IUU Reporting System – Timor-Leste thumbnail
7th GFETW - Presentation 41 - Coastal Fisheries Enforcement – Pacific Island Experience – Kiribati and the Pacific Community thumbnail
7th GFETW - Presentation 42 - Community Bottom-Up Approach to Surveillance and Enforcement in Tanzania Nearshore Fisheries – Mwambao Coastal Community Network thumbnail
Ensuring Compliance with Fisheries Rules and Regulations – IMCS Network thumbnail