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Technology as an Enabler

The Technology as an Enabler theme was introduced by Claire van der Geest, Executive Director, Seafood and Fisheries Emerging Technologies (SAFET). After participants were introduced to the IUU fishing dashboard tools and resources repository of the FIU Security Research Hub, the theme was split into two sessions. The morning session examined the development and utilization of technology used to collect data from fishing operations while the afternoon session focussed on remote sensing and emerging technology for MCS. Each session concluded with robust panel discussions that further examined these themes and discussed the challenges and opportunities for the greater use integration of technology to support effective MCS.  

FIU Security Research Hub IUU Fishing Dashboard Tools and Resources Repository Presentation Image
Catch ID Presentation Image
Everyfish Presentation Image
Deep Vision Presentation Image
MPI New Zealand Electronic Catch and Position Reporting Image
NOOA Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Monitoring Presentation Image
Ecuador and DFO Dark Vessel Detection Image
MMO Satellite Remote Sensing UK Overseas Territories Presentation Image
Starboard Maritime Intelligence Presentation Image
Global Fishing Watch Remote Sensing Local Context Presentation Image
Skylight Considerations of AI for MCS Presentation Image