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MCS Equipment Exchange


The IMCS Network supports an MCS Equipment Exchange initiative where members and observers can borrow or loan a range of MCS equipment on an ongoing basis. Equipment can include all types of basic MCS tools, such as measuring devices, protective equipment and surveillance equipment, through to specialist equipment such as  hydrophones, computer hardware and software and at-sea monitoring devices. 

The Network supports an on-going hydrophone exchange in collaboration with the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Hydrophones are underwater listening devices that record sounds over a designated period of time. Hydrophones can be used to monitor vessel activities at sea and identify illegal activities.

CSIRO have been using subsurface hydrophones, that are not visible, to detect dynamite fishing and different types of vessel activity to inform patrols. The analysis of acoustic data shows the location of the vessel or activity and additional information that can be useful to improve surveillance efficiency, such as the type of vessel and vessel activity. Over time, the hydrophone data can provide managers with detailed information on the locations, times, and types of vessel activities in their area and this can inform management and compliance decision making. 

CSIRO has several hydrophone units available for loan for up to a year. CSRIO can also provide training in hydrophone deployment, retrieval, monitoring, and data analysis.

The network would like to hear from any members, observers or partners with regards MCS Equipment Exchange needs and opportunities. 

CSIRO Hydrophone Factsheet

Find out more about CSIRO's project using hydrophones to monitor illegal fishing activity.

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