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The IMCS Network has a new website!!

Five fishing vessels from above

Welcome to the new IMCS Network website -

The IMCS Network has launched a new website to provide a comprehensive resource to promote communication, cooperation, collaboration and capacity development across the fisheries MCS, compliance and enforcement community. The website will provide a platform for regular updates on our initiatives and work and those of our members, observers and partners. The new website has several updated features including:

  • a comprehensive library that includes a collection of easily accessed documents and resources to support the work and capacity development of our community;
  • our map that provides a visual representation of our membership, their sovereign maritime areas and the areas of competence of both member and non-member RFMOs and RFBs;
  • a dedicated section to provide easy access to the MCS Practitioners Guides and other resources we develop and contribute to; and
  • a dedicated and growing section that includes a collection of external resources that may be of use to our fisheries MCS, compliance and enforcement community in their day-to-day work.

At the heart of our new website is our Member Portal. The Portal will provide an integrated experience for chat, information sharing and long-form discussions. It supports secure discussions across our members and observers, or between specific members, on MCS issues, including operational responses to alleged IUU vessels. It will also facilitate relationship building between our members and build knowledge across our community. The Portal effectively connects our community to combat IUU fishing. 

The Network will be introducing this new capability to our members and community incrementally over the coming months and will support our members to ensure the most effective use of this new and exciting capability. 

We are continuing work to expand and enhance our website and are excited about the growth in the coming months.

Published 11 Jun 2023