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WildAid joins the IMCS Network

WildAid field officer working with local officers.

The IMCS Network welcomes WildAid as an observer organization. WildAid joins the Network’s growing community and brings the number of observer organizations to nine. The Network’s observers include several NGOs, IGOs and academic institutions that all support the objective of the Network and play a key role in strengthening responses to IUU fishing and focusing collective MCS efforts. WildAid’s commitment to our shared objective has been demonstrated over their 20 years of work to strengthen fisheries MCS, compliance and enforcement in 16 countries.

“The IMCS Network could not be more pleased to welcome WildAid. WildAid is a truly unique and effective organization and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Network. We look forward to building and enhancing our relationship with WildAid, including through joint work in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor”.

Gary Orr, Chair of the IMCS Network 

WildAid is a global NGO that works to reduce global consumption of illicit wildlife products and to increase local support for conservation efforts. WildAid also works to protect priority marine areas from illegal fishing, to enhance public and political will for anti-poaching efforts, and to reduce climate change impacts. WildAid implements a Marine Program that designs and applies effective enforcement solutions to deter illegal fishing and strengthen the protection of priority marine areas. WildAid has pioneered a six-step approach to marine enforcement that empowers local leaders to strengthen monitoring and surveillance, meet conservation goals, and provide lasting benefits for their communities. At the heart of the WildAid approach is the implementation of practical, effective, and sustainable MCS strategies for priority marine areas and fisheries within national waters.

“WildAid is thrilled to join the IMCS Network’s observer community. With this new partnership, we can further collaborate with other organizations working in the MCS space and amplify our impact, both in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape, and across the globe as we continue to expand our presence to even more countries.” 

Meaghan Brosnan, WildAid Senior Director, Global Marine Program 

Early this year, the Network, with JAC partners, joined forces with WildAid to support a project to strengthen MCS in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor. This three-year project will seek to improve and strengthen MCS collaboration and improve the coordinated management and protection of MPAs in the region by employing intelligence led compliance approaches.

WildAid will join us at the 7th GFETW in Halifax, Nova Scotia, later this year and joins a growing list of participants from the global MCS, compliance and enforcement community. If you would like any information about joining the Network or the 7th GFETW, please email

If you would like to learn more about WildAid please go to their website.

Global map showing the location of WildAid supported marine sites
Published 04 May 2023