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4th Stop IUU Fishing Award

The IMCS Network invites submissions for the 4th Stop IUU Fishing Award
4th Stop IUU Fishing Award People

Global efforts to ensure long-term sustainable management of fisheries continue to face multiple complex challenges including the ongoing threat of IUU fishing. The activities and types of non-compliance that constitute IUU fishing are continually evolving and require creative, collaborative and comprehensive responses.

This year, the IMCS Network, in partnership with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, will host the 7th GFETW in Halifax, Nova Scotia from 30 July to 04 August. A key part of the Workshop is the 4th Stop IUU Fishing Award. The Award has been established to recognise innovative and successful initiatives in fisheries MCS, compliance and enforcement. The 3rd Stop IUU Fishing Award was held in 2019 and winners were announced at the 6th GFETW in Bangkok, Thailand.

This year, the Network invites submissions from across the across the MCS, compliance and enforcement community. Submissions can be locally, nationally or regionally focussed and will be considered by a small panel and will be evaluated on success, innovation and impact.

Submissions should include an overview of the key issues, details of the initiative to combat IUU fishing, impact, lessons learned and future application. Submissions should be no more than six pages long and need to include the details of relevant individuals and organisations. 

Submissions are due by 28 April 2023 and the three finalists will be notified by 26 May 2023. 

All three finalists of the 2023 4th Stop IUU Fishing Award will receive free registration for the GFETW and the overall winner will be invited to present on their initiative at the 7th GFETW and will have travel costs covered. 

We look forward to the submissions for the 4th Stop IUU Fishing Award and to welcoming Network members, observer organizations and the wider fisheries management and MCS community to the Workshop. 

For those seeking to participate we kindly request that you complete a registration form, and we will confirm your registration within 10 days of receipt.

Please email if you would like any information about the Network, the Workshop or Award.

Published 03 May 2023