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JAC Intel Report 010 - 150 vessels overview analysis

A group of Chinese-linked distant-water squid fishing vessels have been identified regularly transmitting over MMSIs in the 150 series (not assigned to any country) and engaging in complex behaviour involving regular name changes over AIS, sharing of names and MMSIs between vessels and transmission of multiple MMSIs from individual vessels. Whilst this behaviour alone does not constitute IUU, it does make it extremely challenging to monitor the number of individual vessels and the activities of these vessels using AIS and confirm their identities - a matter of concern for RFMOs, coastal States and port States that the vessels interact with during their operations. The Joint Analytical Cell (JAC) consulted with China on the issues identified in the report and the results of this informative dialogue are captured in the final report.

JAC Fisheries Intelligence Report 007 - LU RONG YUAN YU 715

A JAC fisheries intelligence report that examines the activities and AIS reporting patterns of the squid vessel LU RONG YUAN YU 715. The vessel had been transmitting simultaneously on the same two MMSIs, and analysis of photographs taken in 2022, confirmed that the vessel had been displaying and reporting a different name when in the Atlantic squid grounds (FU YUAN YU 715).